mold and odor decontamination

Mold & Odor


Puerto Rico's tropical area is one of the most prone for hidden mold growth. EPA notes that 50% of homes and office buildings in Puerto Rico have mold. Mold destroys health. Mold causes asthma conditions and allergies for health deterioration. Mold is the cause of many allergies and asthma.

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sanitize environment


Your Environment

Our system, replaces oxygen, goes behind walls and ceilings where maintenance spraying of chemicals and bleach do not reach and NO longer need to be used. The system replaces the oxygen (O2) with the strongest oxidizer known to science. Hence, pathogens, rodents and similar pests are dead.

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no chemicals extermination

No Chemicals


Our system eliminates 1. Mold, 2. Odors, Smoke Odor, 3. Sanitizes the premises while 4.exterminating Pests, roaches, all simultaneously
using NO CHEMICALS. Non-invasive  5. Then the application of an Antimicrobial Protectant that does not allow germs, bacteria, pathogens to grow on the surfaces.


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Our Guarantee:

No mold
will re-grow for a minimum of one year.

approved by fda

One Service Includes:

Our “oxygen removal” process allows for the simultaneous application of four (4) different GREEN sanitizing services, saving you labor costs, money and time: